"If everyone is beautiful in its own way, in my way of being there is something wrong".
 I'm just a simple shy and moody girl who only wants to love and to be loved. I love books, animals,pop music, reading, writing, singing and solitude. I hate sticky and pushy people  and pshysical contact. I'm a total acid, fat and ugly   bitch.  My name's  Martina, I'm from  Sicily, Italy and I'm 14 years old .Michael Jackson & One Direction are my idols. Demi Lovato is my inspiration. I listen and love all kinds of music.  Luckyly I'm not in love anymore. I can't get attached to people, except some amazing people I  known on Tumblr♥ I Smile, laugh and joke, but It's all a sham. Behind this mask I'm hiding tears and cuts. I'm dysmorphophobic, atelophobic, bulimic and a selfharmer..